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Find out why employees are raving about our relationship workshops.

We’ve developed an “employee favourite” workshop that focuses on relationship building, developing resilience & effective communication in the workplace.

What to expect when your staff go through Bizpaq's Employee Workshop.​

We offer workshops on communicating in a work environment and relationship building. Topics covered are building rapport, communicating using social intelligence with teams who need emotional support, leadership and communication, negotiation and conflict resolution. We offer one on one coaching on personal development and growth and on any of the communication topics above.


Increased staff retention


Decreased workplace stress


Team productivity improvement

Here's what your employees will learn in our workshops


Relationship building

Communication is the foundation of strong relationships, between both co-workers and new clients. We will provide complete workshops that give your staff the skills to build better relationships.


Developing Resilience

Our comprehensive workshops provide staff with the knowledge and practical advice on how to manage a tough workload and many of the other workplaces stresses they are experiencing.


Effective Communication

When people are good at communication, they listen well and don’t overreact. This helps prevent and reduce conflict in the workplace, which otherwise could create problems.

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