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Link your business financials to your business performance.

What if you had a sustainable and profitable business that you can continue to see profits or even sell your business…. These online training courses will help you understand where your business and finances are at!

Here's what to expect from Bizpaq's online training courses.

Businesses need strong financial foundations to grow, to defend market positions, and to survive. Build on your current financial skillset or gain the financial skills to expand your business, these short courses will give you the practical know how on business finances. These courses are suited for business owners who are wanting a foundation in business finances; aspiring accountants that are wanting to move to the next level of management. Non-qualified finance people that have some understanding of finance that builds a solid foundation and overall financial picture.


Increase in accurate financial reporting


Improved ability to interpret financial statements


Improved cashflow managemet skills

Here's what you'll learn from our member resources.


Gain financial skills to make informed decisions

All course content has a strong and consistent emphasis on better understanding accounting and finance terminology and conventions Being better placed to make informed financial decisions


Advanced financial management techniques

The course demystifies accounting and finance by providing practical understanding of financial management techniques and terminology. Stronger foundational understanding of how finance links to business.


Identify the right financial strategy for your business

Work with the business to evaluate its strategic options such as business structure, performance, finance function and roadmap. We help assess whether the strategy is appropriate in the context of the internal and external environmental factors.

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How to set up your business from inception
Selecting an accounting software for your business
How to manage financial crisis
Learn how to mitigate business risks


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How to manage your business finances
How to interpret your financial statements
Get greater control of your Cashflow